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To the 16 year old me : my Participation for Miss Evelyn Jo's blog

I have been asked to participate in a blog feature for Miss Evelyn Jo's website in collaboration with Dames for dreams. and when I was searching through all the old photo's of myself at sixteen, it made me think alot about how much I have been inspired by my younger self. At sixteen being different created the quirky, confident me of today and I'm happy I continued to stay different, despite bullies and the trendy kids comments of how stupid I looked.

I was always the fun quirky one in school, wearing a bright hippy rainbow jacket and seventies style blue punkyfish flares,and a spiked  dog collar around my neck, I wasn't sure what I was but I guess I was a happy rainbow-goth.I was bullied for the first two years at high school, I hadn't got rid of my puppy-fat and all the other girls seems like supermodels and loved sports compared to lazy nintendo-playing me. I was funny and always a joker but I never felt part of any groups until I was about 15-16 and started hanging round with a group of 'moshers' outside of school.

It changed me drastically, I could be myself round them, wear my 14-hole cherry doc martens with a manson hoodie and tartan kilt but when I tried to be myself round the others at school, I was just a bit too weird so felt like i had to hold back with what i wanted to wear.

We went on a school trip with art and for the first time I had the confidence to be myself, that was the moment I first wore of my dog collar and "scary shoes" in front of the teachers and school children. They were seeing the real me for the first time. I didn't care that I was different but perhaps that's because we were on holiday as per se but I felt I could be myself for the first time.

This is me on my 16th birthday, about to go out with my friends.

Me at 16 years old

Sue at 16 years old. Approx December 2003

Dear 16 year old Sue,
You are brilliant, you look fantastic and you are quirky. You really suit the unique style of clothing you wear despite what looks people may give to you. People are afraid of being different, so you are showing confidence already at just sixteen. You may wear very dark  eyeliner but thats a good thing, you're skin is lovely and you don't need all that makeup like the 'cool' girls at school.
NEWS FLASH: YOU ARE NOT FAT!! and you have a great figure, stop worrying about your arms and thighs, you have a lovely body shape, so carry on as you are. Keep being yourself,  rainbows and cute Japanese, Vegetarian slogan T'shirts and enjoy life being you. Do not change yourself to fit in with the "cool kids" because in just a few years you are part of such a better group of alternative cool kids who like you as you. Your future is fantastic, travelling and great friends and supportive family.

P.S Don't get the black dragon tattoo on your thigh, mum will ground you for ages (since you are underage afterall, naughty naughty) Stop forgetting to wear your retainer and remember that Wheels and Dollbaby pencil pink dress you borrowed from Joanne?, well search for Collectif clothing or look when you visit London, you will love it.

 See the full blog feature ON Miss Evelyn Jo's website, by clicking here.

 Me at 29

Me at 29. Wearing a 1940's inspired Tea dress and necklace I made myself - 30th Jan 2016.


Day to night Winter outfit

I can't believe it's four days until Christmas Day, this year has gone so quick and it wont be long until we are in 2016. Exciting!

So, today I am going shopping for last minute presents, but then meeting friends later on, so I need a day to night outfit which  I thought needs to be slightly festive. (excuse the poor mirror selfies)



I forgot to take the photo before I went shopping, so I wore the same outfit with tights and black dolly shoes for the daytime shop (you must be comfy to walk around Manchester)

Then to glam up my outfit, I added my new Vivienne Westwood kitten heels, I have wanted these for a couple of years now, and I was very lucky to find a size 8 on ebay which were brand new and boxed. I originally saw these on the Junebugs and Georgia Peaches blog. She has them in every colour and then began my search. Cream version-check

Vivienne westwood cherry heels

I've added a few close-up photos underneath, and if you want a pair too, look on eBay for Melissa lady Dragon Cherry heels. I was very lucky to bag myself an unworn pair but add the search to your notifcations for future listings.

Melissa vivienne westwood heels

Vivienne westwood heels retro

Circle Skirt: F & F  Signature
Bolero and red top : Lady Retro
Necklace and bracelet : Thomas Sabo
Heels: Vivienne Westwood



Our weekend at Tatcon Blackpool

Over the weekend we attended Tatcon Blackpool, it's our first tattoo convention where we have traded so we were a little nervous to say the least. The great part is we were asked to run the fashion show too.

We set up first thing Friday morning, since we have the shop, we forget how easy it actually is to set up our stall for the weekend. It seems like a lot of hard work, but really the car was full with rails and clothes (we must start using the suitcase idea again from when we first started). I (Suzy) couldn't even fit Jenny in the front passenger seat because i had two mannequins ha-ha

What we loved about this weekend, is it really reminded us of how much nicer it is to attend craft fairs and conventions. We used to have a lot of fun, and the customers are genuinely interested in talking to you about your stall.

11880398 1014916898542834 6952227866425404599 n

Jak, our amazingly talented hairdresser and the models arrived in the afternoon for the fashion show. the fashion show didn't go on long and I was so nervous to talk in front of everyone about the dresses (plus Lou from Miss Tatcon pinup)kept having to put the mic up to my mouth because no-one could hear me. eek

People who know me, will already know how much I hate being on stage, despite hosting many fashion shows and events in the past. The girls looked absolutely gorgeous in our new Collectif and Hell bunny items, all available to buy on the website :) and the hair flowers are handmade by us.

11061278 1014448758589648 6979041057764379643 n

Toni-Lee looking absolutely gorgeous wearing the Julie dress which is £80 and available here.

Here's a sneak preview, more official photos coming. All the dresses, the scrabble necklaces and the hair flowers worn by the models and the men's tshirt which is by Mundane Attire is available to buy on our site, just click here

Below are some fun photos by Kerry, one of the models <3


We met some great people over the weekend, and all new customers loved our new handmade circle skirts and cardigans. I can't wait to get involved next year. 



American Custom car and bike meet

Last Night we visited our first Classic custom and car meet at Harts Amusements in Bispham, Blackpool and I must say I cannot wait to attend next month.

Meet our customers/models:

Shelley, wears the Regina doll dress in black with a black bolero.
Hope, wears her own nautical top, and our blue Hell Bunny bandana skirt.
Suzy wears a red Banned cardigan and handmade circle skirt (only available from us shop)
Laura, who is a plus size Pinup model who wears one of our 1950s style polkadot halterneck dress.

We walked round the cars and bikes and there was everything from an old Chevrolet pickup truck to a VW camper full of lights inside to gorgeous Harley Davidsons. Rob, who owns Dark Side imaging took the photos at the event. Here's a few.

Great to see events like this, going on in Blackpool and surrounding area's. Loads of the girls were fully dressed, and a few girls wore Freddies Jeans, which we'll be stocking soon.

The dates of the events are as follows, so make sure you visit at 6pm-9pm on the night.
May 21st
June 18th
July 16th
Aug 20th
Sept 17th

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