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To the 16 year old me : my Participation for Miss Evelyn Jo's blog

I have been asked to participate in a blog feature for Miss Evelyn Jo's website in collaboration with Dames for dreams. and when I was searching through all the old photo's of myself at sixteen, it made me think alot about how much I have been inspired by my younger self. At sixteen being different created the quirky, confident me of today and I'm happy I continued to stay different, despite bullies and the trendy kids comments of how stupid I looked.

I was always the fun quirky one in school, wearing a bright hippy rainbow jacket and seventies style blue punkyfish flares,and a spiked  dog collar around my neck, I wasn't sure what I was but I guess I was a happy rainbow-goth.I was bullied for the first two years at high school, I hadn't got rid of my puppy-fat and all the other girls seems like supermodels and loved sports compared to lazy nintendo-playing me. I was funny and always a joker but I never felt part of any groups until I was about 15-16 and started hanging round with a group of 'moshers' outside of school.

It changed me drastically, I could be myself round them, wear my 14-hole cherry doc martens with a manson hoodie and tartan kilt but when I tried to be myself round the others at school, I was just a bit too weird so felt like i had to hold back with what i wanted to wear.

We went on a school trip with art and for the first time I had the confidence to be myself, that was the moment I first wore of my dog collar and "scary shoes" in front of the teachers and school children. They were seeing the real me for the first time. I didn't care that I was different but perhaps that's because we were on holiday as per se but I felt I could be myself for the first time.

This is me on my 16th birthday, about to go out with my friends.

Me at 16 years old

Sue at 16 years old. Approx December 2003

Dear 16 year old Sue,
You are brilliant, you look fantastic and you are quirky. You really suit the unique style of clothing you wear despite what looks people may give to you. People are afraid of being different, so you are showing confidence already at just sixteen. You may wear very dark  eyeliner but thats a good thing, you're skin is lovely and you don't need all that makeup like the 'cool' girls at school.
NEWS FLASH: YOU ARE NOT FAT!! and you have a great figure, stop worrying about your arms and thighs, you have a lovely body shape, so carry on as you are. Keep being yourself,  rainbows and cute Japanese, Vegetarian slogan T'shirts and enjoy life being you. Do not change yourself to fit in with the "cool kids" because in just a few years you are part of such a better group of alternative cool kids who like you as you. Your future is fantastic, travelling and great friends and supportive family.

P.S Don't get the black dragon tattoo on your thigh, mum will ground you for ages (since you are underage afterall, naughty naughty) Stop forgetting to wear your retainer and remember that Wheels and Dollbaby pencil pink dress you borrowed from Joanne?, well search for Collectif clothing or look when you visit London, you will love it.

 See the full blog feature ON Miss Evelyn Jo's website, by clicking here.

 Me at 29

Me at 29. Wearing a 1940's inspired Tea dress and necklace I made myself - 30th Jan 2016.


Lady Retro at Blossom Boutique (Pop-up)

So today, Jenny and I are at Blossom Boutique on Marsh Mill. Caroline, Hayley and Zoe have kindly let us have a pop-up shop for the day because BBC Lancashire will be here from 11-12 talking about our awesme businesses and how we will be collaborating. We have the lovely Lara trying on items in the shop too. Here's our pop-up rail for the day.

Blossom is a lovely boutique, a Bobbin shaped table greets you in the centre of the shop covered in their jewellery. It's very different to what we sell, so it's nice to work together and bring our vintage loving customers in and they can check out the shop but also work with The sewing sactuary on the dress making courses with us too. We sell handmade jewellery and hair accessories which are very bright and wouldn't suit every taste, so allowing the two styles together is a great combination for shoppers when they visit.

It's very positive popping up and being asked to host ourselves in various locations, and we hope to continue this over the next year. It's back to how we were in 2012 having fun rather than being all about business, we both love the shop but running a physical boutique has been very hard the past year with all the changes in Poulton-Le-Fylde centre to make way for Booths new building.

It was a fun day because Caroline and Hayley support other local businesses by stocking their items, we spotted our pal Michelle's The Little Blue Hen cosmetics and soap, again another local. More local businesses should get together with a glass of fizz, and network. Its so much fun meeting fellow strong-minded business women. We can only make businesses stronger this way :) and afterall, we are in the same boat tryig to make our business successful.

We had a great day with Sally and the team from BBC Radio Lamcashire, you can still listen to the show direct on the BBC Iplayer or ch
eck us out on the BBC lancashire facebook. 


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