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Best Tight Brands : a review on which tights stay up? part 1

Oh my, it's the winter season again and I have spent most the working day for past three weeks pulling up my tights, which are highly likely to roll down again within 5minutes. I thought to myself last week, which tights stay up? 

If you're like me, you want comfort whilst at work, so for have the last month I have been trying different types of black tights suitable for day outfits.

The first tights I bought were from Primark, I was in a rush and needed tights before work. I bought the Atmosphere brand 100 denier microfibre tights in black. They cost £5.00 and you get three pairs. 

I've been wearing these most days for one week now, and these roll down constantly, they wrinkle at the ankle, which normally suggests they are too big, but according to the sizing they were right for my height and hips. I would personally give these 5/10, They are really thick though, and if they did not roll down, I'd probably buy more.

As soon as I mentioned where I bought these tights from, someone mentioned Marks tights, so I went on to buy a pair of the body sensor 40 denier tights. There was a slight diffference in price, quality over quantity and all that jazz. £6.40. The pro's, the quality fo the tights are good, and they definitely work. Our office is hot and I stayed neutral all day long.
The outcome: Yet again, I've spent all day pulling up my tights at the waist, which is disappointing.

Next, came the Shapewear tights from Peacocks. £4.00 and 40 denier. I thought if I went for shapewear tights they may stay up, they were a little more high-waisted unlike normal tights. They were slightly better than the other tights, I didn't find myself pulling the tights up until I had washed them two or three times.

So three brands and seven pairs of tights in two weeks and I am sorry to say I have not found a pair of tights which fit in this category so please comment below or watch this space I'll be reviewing another three brands next week. 

Lady Retro xx


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