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Rockin' around the Christmas tree.

So, tonight is the night we choose our potted forever Christmas tree from Barton Grange garden centre. I love tree's and I think it's really sad how many are cut down each year at Christmas. So, this year we are buying a living tree which we can replant in the new year or keep and repot for Christmas.

Barton Grange garden centre has various trees and decorations, In fact I couldn't believe how many variations of Christmas decorations and lights they have on display, there must have been thirty decorated trees with different themes. 

Then comes the train track christmas scene, it was amazing, even has little trees and children playing on a sleigh.




This is our first Christmas tree, and I have been collecting various blue and teal  or handmade decorations.



Afternoon Tea at Barton Grange Hotel

So today, we decided to go on a little adventure somewhere new. We drove out of Poulton and towards Preston, as we decided to go somewoth have not been together, since it's one of our rare days off together.

Driving on the main road from Garstang to Preston, we drove past the Barton Grange Hotel, and spotted an Afternoon tea poster. We parked our car and walked into the sophisticated reception of the Barton Grange Hotel, and turned left to enter the Walled Garden.

On reading the menus and posters around the restaurant, you can see that this eatery takes great pride in supporting local for the afternoon tea. The sandwiches change each season, and the scones are accompanied with delicious clotted cream, which a lot of places seem to be skimping on and using that awful whipped cream. (I love clotted cream, so its a must for any afternoon tea meeting).

Jenny and I went for the loose tea, which is unlimited throughout your afternoon treat. We turned up a bit early for afternoon tea which is 2pm til 5pm, but the staff asked the chef and we were alllowed to dine earlier. Thank you for that, we really appreciated it.

 There are various sandwiches in the afternoon tea selection, however as I am Vegetarian (and my sister doesnt mind) we ordered the Vegetarian sandwich option: which was egg mayo, Lancashire cheese and chutney and a third sandwich which was Pesto with something else, absolutely delicious, and

 A perfectly rectangle, crust-free sandwich.

 Jenny and I enjoying our afternoon tasty treat.


Lady Retro at Blossom Boutique (Pop-up)

So today, Jenny and I are at Blossom Boutique on Marsh Mill. Caroline, Hayley and Zoe have kindly let us have a pop-up shop for the day because BBC Lancashire will be here from 11-12 talking about our awesme businesses and how we will be collaborating. We have the lovely Lara trying on items in the shop too. Here's our pop-up rail for the day.

Blossom is a lovely boutique, a Bobbin shaped table greets you in the centre of the shop covered in their jewellery. It's very different to what we sell, so it's nice to work together and bring our vintage loving customers in and they can check out the shop but also work with The sewing sactuary on the dress making courses with us too. We sell handmade jewellery and hair accessories which are very bright and wouldn't suit every taste, so allowing the two styles together is a great combination for shoppers when they visit.

It's very positive popping up and being asked to host ourselves in various locations, and we hope to continue this over the next year. It's back to how we were in 2012 having fun rather than being all about business, we both love the shop but running a physical boutique has been very hard the past year with all the changes in Poulton-Le-Fylde centre to make way for Booths new building.

It was a fun day because Caroline and Hayley support other local businesses by stocking their items, we spotted our pal Michelle's The Little Blue Hen cosmetics and soap, again another local. More local businesses should get together with a glass of fizz, and network. Its so much fun meeting fellow strong-minded business women. We can only make businesses stronger this way :) and afterall, we are in the same boat tryig to make our business successful.

We had a great day with Sally and the team from BBC Radio Lamcashire, you can still listen to the show direct on the BBC Iplayer or ch
eck us out on the BBC lancashire facebook. 



Vintage Halloween Pin-ups


As I am sure you can see from some of my previous blogs, I absolutely love anything to do with Halloween. Every year I take it very seriously and spend a lot on costumes. However, we all know someone who is NOT one into Halloween, so I thought with all the events and parties that happen this season I thought this blog would help. We will be blogging quite a lot this particular season, with various costumes which will give you some ideas to get that cute pinup-halloween look without having to buy those awful sexy-zombie-school girl outfits. ha-ha ;)

Here's a few of the Hollywood stars, in their Halloween attire. 

Betty Grable

Peggy Ryan

Dusty Anderson as a witch

Gloria Saunders


Joyce Holden


For more beautiful Hollywood actress Halloween photos click here


What to pack for your holiday.

So, you're off on holiday, whether its with your man or your friends and you want to incorporate the vintage style look yet stay practical (or without getting all sweaty Betty on tour in your favourite dress).

I hope this blog helps you on what to take and what not to take as I'll be blogging whilst I'm away too, with practical reviews about what I wear.

After owning a shop, I have accumulated a lot of clothing and as this is the first holiday with my boyfriend, I wanted to look at least half decent everyday whereas normally I am an unattractive, sweaty backpacker. Ha-ha However, one can't possibly dress like that in a five star spa and resort. So, first things first, think about how long you're going for? Ten days, say three outfits per day and I am not Lady gaga with her thousands of costume changes but you'll need swimwear, daytime outfit and a further outfit for a spot of evening glamour.

You're not likely to wear a circle dress when you're visiting an archeological site in 40 degrees heat, so think practical too. A tankini or swimming costume, and high-waisted shorts, or linen capri pants. I looked in the shop and tried a few of the super cute Hell bunny shorts high waist Tiki shorts available here but my bum just does not work in them. Even the 2xl (size 18) didn't look right on me personally, so I ended up buying some cute denim-look high waisted shorts from Mantaray eange.

There's my tour days sorted, shorts and gypsy top from collectif. I decided to pack accessories too such as various hair flowers which i make myself, jewellery and belts to mix outfits up a bit.

So for ten days I've packed:
Leopard print Wedges (pack your comfiest heels or a pair thatll go with almost all outfits.
Flamingo sandles
8 bikinis/ tankini
4 strappy fairy dresses
1 cherry Dolores dress
1 pineapple gypsy dress
2 circle skirts
6 gypsy top
3 vest tops

3 shorts
Trainers for any hiking
And of course Underwear ;)

My room certainly did not look like this photo once I properly packed despite the organisation.


Our weekend at Tatcon Blackpool

Over the weekend we attended Tatcon Blackpool, it's our first tattoo convention where we have traded so we were a little nervous to say the least. The great part is we were asked to run the fashion show too.

We set up first thing Friday morning, since we have the shop, we forget how easy it actually is to set up our stall for the weekend. It seems like a lot of hard work, but really the car was full with rails and clothes (we must start using the suitcase idea again from when we first started). I (Suzy) couldn't even fit Jenny in the front passenger seat because i had two mannequins ha-ha

What we loved about this weekend, is it really reminded us of how much nicer it is to attend craft fairs and conventions. We used to have a lot of fun, and the customers are genuinely interested in talking to you about your stall.

11880398 1014916898542834 6952227866425404599 n

Jak, our amazingly talented hairdresser and the models arrived in the afternoon for the fashion show. the fashion show didn't go on long and I was so nervous to talk in front of everyone about the dresses (plus Lou from Miss Tatcon pinup)kept having to put the mic up to my mouth because no-one could hear me. eek

People who know me, will already know how much I hate being on stage, despite hosting many fashion shows and events in the past. The girls looked absolutely gorgeous in our new Collectif and Hell bunny items, all available to buy on the website :) and the hair flowers are handmade by us.

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Toni-Lee looking absolutely gorgeous wearing the Julie dress which is £80 and available here.

Here's a sneak preview, more official photos coming. All the dresses, the scrabble necklaces and the hair flowers worn by the models and the men's tshirt which is by Mundane Attire is available to buy on our site, just click here

Below are some fun photos by Kerry, one of the models <3


We met some great people over the weekend, and all new customers loved our new handmade circle skirts and cardigans. I can't wait to get involved next year. 



Collete nautical swing dress review

Well Ladies and Gents, we've decided to start a blog, afterall, we do stock some of the most beautiful Pinup and rockabilly brands so we may as well start blogging when we get them in. 
The first one on the list is Collectif's Colette Nautical swing dress, it comes in two colours Navy and Red and is £55.00. It does state on the site, that the cut is very small so to size up on your normal Collectif sizing, so I went for the size 16.

The reason we added this dress to the summer range is because it is sexy and sassy. Everyone loves the nautical theme and there is always space for one more "Hello Sailor" outfit. Another reason we chose this dress, is because It reminded us of the scene in Niagra, when Marilyn Monroe wears the red pencil dress which has the underbust cut-out.

I (Suzy) chose the Navy version of this dress, because it's a gorgeous dress to wear during the day with wedges, however it can be dressed up for a summer wedding with one of our fascinators and a nice pair of red heels.

The dress is made of  98% Cotton 2% Elastane.
Skirt lenght: 22" 

With this type of material it needs an iron on setting two,  unfortunately our steamer is lower than an iron at home.  So a little pointer ;) you will definitely have to give your new dress a once over with the iron once you receive it in the post.

A strapless bra is required with this dress if you would like a proper cleavage however if you are busty though the shape of of the bust will keep your boobs in place nicely.

Getting this dress on was very easy, the problem I had was the side zip, It took me longer than normal to completely fasten because of the awkward placement, but once it was up the dress looks so sassy and sexy. The sweetheart neckline shows just enough cleavage which is complimented by the cut out under the bust.

As mentioned I wear the size 16, i normally take a size 14 in Collectif dresses and Kelly is a size 10 and wears the size 12 in the navy.

What do you think of the Colette dress? Will it be making it’s way into your wardrobe? let us know. Buy the navy version here. Buy the red version here


American Custom car and bike meet

Last Night we visited our first Classic custom and car meet at Harts Amusements in Bispham, Blackpool and I must say I cannot wait to attend next month.

Meet our customers/models:

Shelley, wears the Regina doll dress in black with a black bolero.
Hope, wears her own nautical top, and our blue Hell Bunny bandana skirt.
Suzy wears a red Banned cardigan and handmade circle skirt (only available from us shop)
Laura, who is a plus size Pinup model who wears one of our 1950s style polkadot halterneck dress.

We walked round the cars and bikes and there was everything from an old Chevrolet pickup truck to a VW camper full of lights inside to gorgeous Harley Davidsons. Rob, who owns Dark Side imaging took the photos at the event. Here's a few.

Great to see events like this, going on in Blackpool and surrounding area's. Loads of the girls were fully dressed, and a few girls wore Freddies Jeans, which we'll be stocking soon.

The dates of the events are as follows, so make sure you visit at 6pm-9pm on the night.
May 21st
June 18th
July 16th
Aug 20th
Sept 17th

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