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Day to night Winter outfit

I can't believe it's four days until Christmas Day, this year has gone so quick and it wont be long until we are in 2016. Exciting!

So, today I am going shopping for last minute presents, but then meeting friends later on, so I need a day to night outfit which  I thought needs to be slightly festive. (excuse the poor mirror selfies)



I forgot to take the photo before I went shopping, so I wore the same outfit with tights and black dolly shoes for the daytime shop (you must be comfy to walk around Manchester)

Then to glam up my outfit, I added my new Vivienne Westwood kitten heels, I have wanted these for a couple of years now, and I was very lucky to find a size 8 on ebay which were brand new and boxed. I originally saw these on the Junebugs and Georgia Peaches blog. She has them in every colour and then began my search. Cream version-check

Vivienne westwood cherry heels

I've added a few close-up photos underneath, and if you want a pair too, look on eBay for Melissa lady Dragon Cherry heels. I was very lucky to bag myself an unworn pair but add the search to your notifcations for future listings.

Melissa vivienne westwood heels

Vivienne westwood heels retro

Circle Skirt: F & F  Signature
Bolero and red top : Lady Retro
Necklace and bracelet : Thomas Sabo
Heels: Vivienne Westwood



Rockin' around the Christmas tree.

So, tonight is the night we choose our potted forever Christmas tree from Barton Grange garden centre. I love tree's and I think it's really sad how many are cut down each year at Christmas. So, this year we are buying a living tree which we can replant in the new year or keep and repot for Christmas.

Barton Grange garden centre has various trees and decorations, In fact I couldn't believe how many variations of Christmas decorations and lights they have on display, there must have been thirty decorated trees with different themes. 

Then comes the train track christmas scene, it was amazing, even has little trees and children playing on a sleigh.




This is our first Christmas tree, and I have been collecting various blue and teal  or handmade decorations.



Crafty Vintage Christmas fair

This is my first Crafty Vintage fair, and I set off early on Friday to the Nature reserve to get set up. I brought a lot more items than I normally do, just because it's Christmas. I think this is the last fair for me in 2015, I'll still be doing Christmas ladies nights so if you know of any ladies nights coming up and you want us to attend then please get in touch This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have re-branded, and changed our logo slightly. I have also made a lot of new items. Handmade Brooches and we are also now selling make your own skirt kits for Christmas which include everything you need to make a skirt. The booklet also has email support details too incase you get stuck at any of the points when making the skirt.





The second day of the fair was cancelled, due to the floods. It is an amazing venue, and floats with the water however, the Saturday It flooded the access road for the second time this year which meant they had to close. I spoke to a member of staff and they said it is the second day since they opened that they have had to close to the public.

Brockholes is a lovely place to visit at the weekend, you cannot walk your dog but you can go for  a walk around the grounds. a lot of people there seemed to be visiting, fully kitted with binoculars for bird watching.

It was lovely meeting everyone over the weekend, and hopedully I'll be at a future fair to meet some of you again.


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