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You remind me of the babe. RIP David Bowie 2016

So, today is the day that has changed a lot of lives, the musical genius David Bowie has died. I can't believe it to be honest, he is someone you just assume will be around for life. We just bought and listened to his new album yesterday, so it was a sad coincidence when I heard the news at work.

From the moment, I watched The extra version of the Snowman, with David introducing the film wearing THE snowman scarf the boy is given as a gift later in the illustrated film. I've liked him from that moment, and I was too young to know his musically back then.


The next film which made David Bowie, an instant hit to me was his role in the Labryrinth as Jareth, the goblin king. This film didn't come out until 1986 so I missed the hype, My cousin in switzerland introduced me to the film a few years later and it has always been a film i've bought on both VHS and dvd through the years. I've even got the Soundtrack to it, and know most the script by heart. Fantastic films and I look forward to introducing the next generation to them in future.

It wasn't until I became an adult that I could appreciate David Bowie musically, we've all heard about his wacky costumes and look through the years but his music is absolutely genius at so many levels. he knew what would sell, and he was always far ahead compared to other music on the scene.

I only found this out after his death watching, because I honestly never noticed before but at 14 he got it a spot of fistycuffs over a girl called Carol Goldsmith. He was punched in the eye by a friend named George, this punch tore his muscle in his left eye, and despite operations, it left his eye with a permanently open pupil. 

 Geroge Underwood, and David Bowie ended up being life-long friends, he ended up playing in the earlie Bowie bands and he was involved in the artwork design of Hunky Dory, The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and The spiders from Mars Album sleeves too.) 

We would love to hear what your favourite Bowie song was. Leave a comment below.

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