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Vintage Style Ladies Bicycles

It's getting to that time of year where I really want to ditch the car, and cycle everywhere. So on my bicycle-buying journey, I thought I'd go through some of the various options with my lovely readers.

This is one of my favourite black and white photos (approx 1940s).

Women look so feminine and elegant on this type of bicycle, and that's why I want one. I know I can wear my skirt , or shorts and not look quiteas awful as I would on a mountain bike ha-ha

So, we have now seen beautiful Gil Elgren style Pin-ups in real life, we need to move on to bicycle options.

 1. The first which caught my eye is the Betty made here in the UK:

The Betty, is made by the beautiful by Beg Bicycles. The bicycle costs £725 and comes in three colours, and the grocers basket costs an extra £55. What I like about this bicycle, is the workmanship that has gone into it, they have really done their research even the seat is a brooks leather tan saddle. See, a video here.

2. Then, made by the same company is the limited edition Bea bicycle:

I love this colour, and I'm sad that the Betty does not come in the same colour, but I personally prefer the grocers basket on the Betty, but I think you can customise for a price, which includes more gears and specific size. £775, see it here

Ok, so everyone has a favourite colour, and some of these bikes do come in other colours, so here's a number of vintage style bicycles in other colours (other than my favourite colour blue ha-ha). Rayleigh make a number of vintage styles in various colours and these are all currently on offer at Rutland Cycling:

3. The Cameo 700c womens Hybrid in green is on sale at just £209.99 here.

4.The Orange bicycle above is also made by Rayleigh. It's currently £249.99 available from Rutland Cycling.


5. The Rayleigh Hybrid in yellow is £245. Buy it here

6. The next bicycle is the Pendleton Somerby in Mint.  The Pendleton Somerby Hybrid is currently on offer for just £169.95
The leisure Outlet.

7. Next is the Kingston Mayfair in red, it's now £229.95 at Bikes Direct.

8. And last but not least, is this affordable vintage style bike in red (also comes in baby blue and white made by Viking and is just £149.99. You can buy it here

I really hope you enjoyed this bicycle blog, and hopefully it'll help you buy your perfect vintage style bicycle. If you know any other brands I may have missed or see any bicycles on offer, do let me know and I'll update this blog.

Love Suzy xx

* All the prices were correct at time of posting, but may change depending on the website


Our weekend at Tatcon Blackpool

Over the weekend we attended Tatcon Blackpool, it's our first tattoo convention where we have traded so we were a little nervous to say the least. The great part is we were asked to run the fashion show too.

We set up first thing Friday morning, since we have the shop, we forget how easy it actually is to set up our stall for the weekend. It seems like a lot of hard work, but really the car was full with rails and clothes (we must start using the suitcase idea again from when we first started). I (Suzy) couldn't even fit Jenny in the front passenger seat because i had two mannequins ha-ha

What we loved about this weekend, is it really reminded us of how much nicer it is to attend craft fairs and conventions. We used to have a lot of fun, and the customers are genuinely interested in talking to you about your stall.

11880398 1014916898542834 6952227866425404599 n

Jak, our amazingly talented hairdresser and the models arrived in the afternoon for the fashion show. the fashion show didn't go on long and I was so nervous to talk in front of everyone about the dresses (plus Lou from Miss Tatcon pinup)kept having to put the mic up to my mouth because no-one could hear me. eek

People who know me, will already know how much I hate being on stage, despite hosting many fashion shows and events in the past. The girls looked absolutely gorgeous in our new Collectif and Hell bunny items, all available to buy on the website :) and the hair flowers are handmade by us.

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Toni-Lee looking absolutely gorgeous wearing the Julie dress which is £80 and available here.

Here's a sneak preview, more official photos coming. All the dresses, the scrabble necklaces and the hair flowers worn by the models and the men's tshirt which is by Mundane Attire is available to buy on our site, just click here

Below are some fun photos by Kerry, one of the models <3


We met some great people over the weekend, and all new customers loved our new handmade circle skirts and cardigans. I can't wait to get involved next year. 


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