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Vintage Style Ladies Bicycles

It's getting to that time of year where I really want to ditch the car, and cycle everywhere. So on my bicycle-buying journey, I thought I'd go through some of the various options with my lovely readers.

This is one of my favourite black and white photos (approx 1940s).

Women look so feminine and elegant on this type of bicycle, and that's why I want one. I know I can wear my skirt , or shorts and not look quiteas awful as I would on a mountain bike ha-ha

So, we have now seen beautiful Gil Elgren style Pin-ups in real life, we need to move on to bicycle options.

 1. The first which caught my eye is the Betty made here in the UK:

The Betty, is made by the beautiful by Beg Bicycles. The bicycle costs £725 and comes in three colours, and the grocers basket costs an extra £55. What I like about this bicycle, is the workmanship that has gone into it, they have really done their research even the seat is a brooks leather tan saddle. See, a video here.

2. Then, made by the same company is the limited edition Bea bicycle:

I love this colour, and I'm sad that the Betty does not come in the same colour, but I personally prefer the grocers basket on the Betty, but I think you can customise for a price, which includes more gears and specific size. £775, see it here

Ok, so everyone has a favourite colour, and some of these bikes do come in other colours, so here's a number of vintage style bicycles in other colours (other than my favourite colour blue ha-ha). Rayleigh make a number of vintage styles in various colours and these are all currently on offer at Rutland Cycling:

3. The Cameo 700c womens Hybrid in green is on sale at just £209.99 here.

4.The Orange bicycle above is also made by Rayleigh. It's currently £249.99 available from Rutland Cycling.


5. The Rayleigh Hybrid in yellow is £245. Buy it here

6. The next bicycle is the Pendleton Somerby in Mint.  The Pendleton Somerby Hybrid is currently on offer for just £169.95
The leisure Outlet.

7. Next is the Kingston Mayfair in red, it's now £229.95 at Bikes Direct.

8. And last but not least, is this affordable vintage style bike in red (also comes in baby blue and white made by Viking and is just £149.99. You can buy it here

I really hope you enjoyed this bicycle blog, and hopefully it'll help you buy your perfect vintage style bicycle. If you know any other brands I may have missed or see any bicycles on offer, do let me know and I'll update this blog.

Love Suzy xx

* All the prices were correct at time of posting, but may change depending on the website


Vintage Halloween Pin-ups


As I am sure you can see from some of my previous blogs, I absolutely love anything to do with Halloween. Every year I take it very seriously and spend a lot on costumes. However, we all know someone who is NOT one into Halloween, so I thought with all the events and parties that happen this season I thought this blog would help. We will be blogging quite a lot this particular season, with various costumes which will give you some ideas to get that cute pinup-halloween look without having to buy those awful sexy-zombie-school girl outfits. ha-ha ;)

Here's a few of the Hollywood stars, in their Halloween attire. 

Betty Grable

Peggy Ryan

Dusty Anderson as a witch

Gloria Saunders


Joyce Holden


For more beautiful Hollywood actress Halloween photos click here


Retro Fashion Show

Well, a lot has been going on this year. We've brought in a lot of new brands, thanks to London Edge at the beginning of February. We met loads of new brands and even looked into purchasing Steady clothing from USA.

We are running a Fashion show tomorrow night at the Cube in Poulton. 
Free entry.poster fashionshow15 03 05 1


1940's style tea dresses

I am absolutely loving the new tea dresses, we have just had delivered. At this time of year everyone doubts shopping because we're between seasons, Do I buy a jumper? Do I buy a winter dress? or should I wait until Easter? 

These tea dresses can be worn through Winter teamed with a pair of tights and a cute cardigan through to Spring, but minus the tights and worn with a cute pair of nude kitten heels. I absolutely love this tea dress and I wear this weekly, it adds a bit of femininity to your day. It comes in two colours burgundy and this teal colour. All the new casual day dresses are under £45 and can be worn all year round.




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